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Welcome to Hester Memorial Library


Getting Started

The Hester Memorial Library has a combination of resources to help you with your research, including print materials, eBooks, and online databases. 

Finding Books

How do I find out what books are in the library?  To find a book, DVD or other library material, search the NGU Library Catalog.

Keep searches SIMPLE--use one to three important words, NOT a sentence
Decide whether you are searching for:
  • Random words = Keyword search
  • A topic = Subject Search
  • An Author = Author Search (last name, first name)
  • Words in the title = Title Search

For each item included in the Search Results, the catalog displays the availability, the call number and the physical location within the library.


How do I figure out where a book or DVD is on the shelf?  A call number is used to identify the exact location of an item on the shelf.  

  • Items with a call number beginning with A-Z are located in the general circulating collection on the 2nd floor.
  • Items with a call number beginning with "Prayer" are located in the Buddy Freeman Prayer Collection next to the Bible Museum on the first floor.
  • Items with a call number beginning with "Roark" are located in front of the current periodicals on the first floor.
  • Items with a call number beginning with "McCormick" are located on the short shelves near the Learning and Listening rooms on the first floor.


Finding Articles

How and where do I find scholarly articles?  The best way to find appropriate articles for your assignments is by searching the library's online databases.  The databases include articles from scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, and more. You can limit your search to full-text and/or scholarly journals within each database.

Select the ARTICLES tab on the homepage then click on the Databases A-Z link to be taken to the databases guide.  You can then search multiple EBSCO or GALE databases by using the search boxes on the main tab, or you can select a single database by clicking on the specific name of the database you want to search.  

Instructions for off-campus access are included within the Databases A-Z guide.

PASCAL Delivers

Search the collections of college and university libraries across the state! SMC students, faculty, and staff may request books from other SC college and university libraries and have them delivered within a few business days.  You can request up to 50 books at a time with a checkout period of 6 weeks.  You will need to enter your library ID/barcode number (for students this is your student ID, for faculty/staff this is your phone number) to request books.  If you do not know your library barcode number, please contact the library.  PASCAL Delivers also offers the following services: 

  • Pick Up Anywhere:  choose to have your items sent to another participating library if that is more convenient for you.  For example, are you a distance education student that lives closer to the College of Charleston?  No problem! Request your items through PASCAL Delivers and just select College of Charleston as your pick up location.
  • Visiting Patron:  You can also go in-person to visit another PASCAL Delivers library and check out the book yourself using the Visiting Patron service. Note that Visiting Patron checkouts have different limits; in-person patrons are limited to three items and the checkout period for these items is three weeks with one additional three-week renewal allowed. You will need to present a picture ID and know your student ID number. 

Interlibrary Loan

If you need material you cannot find in our library, we can possibly find it for you! Just fill out this form. Once your item arrives, we will e-mail you and let you know.




  • Must have a valid NGU I.D. or photo I.D. to borrow materials.
  • Books - 2 week loan period (up to 10 at a time)
  • DVDs - 2 week loan period
  • Checked out materials may be renewed twice.
  • Faculty Reserves - In-library use only for 2 hours unless a faculty member gives permission stating otherwise.
  • Textbook Reserves- In-library use only for 2 hours 
  • Calculators, electronics chords, and headphones- 2 hour loan period

Faculty and Staff

  • Books - Month loan period, but can be renewed unlimited amount of times throughout the semester (no limit)
  • DVDs - Month loan period (no limit)

Alumni:  See library staff

Community Patrons:  See library staff  



  • Student printing - Prints are $.05 per page. You receive $1.50 on your printing account your first semester. After that, you will need to add money to your printing account with a credit or debit card by going to You can also use cash to add money to your account by going to the business office. Printing in the library is only available in black and white. Color prints are available through the Print Hub.
  • Student copying - $.10/page for B/W. Color copies are only available through the Print Hub.
  • Public copying $.10/page for B/W
  • Lost/ damaged books - See library staff

Renew your books. You will need your name and library barcode number (same as student ID #). Type in a "bg" before your ID number. Renewing your book(s) online will not remove any holds. To have a hold removed, please go to the circulation desk.


Faculty Reserves and Textbooks

1. What are faculty reserves?  Faculty Reserves are books, articles, and other items placed at the library by a faculty member for class use. They are located at the circulation desk

2. What kinds of items are on reserve?

  • books from the general collection
  • videos from the general collection
  • faculty member’s personal copies of materials
  • photocopies (i.e. book chapters, articles, practice tests)

3. What are the reserves circulation policies?

  • Reserve materials, including videos, must be used in the library unless we have received permission from the professor to let you take it out of the library.
  • Reserve materials can be checked out for up to 2 hours.
  • Students must have their student ID to borrow reserve materials.

4. Can reserve materials be copied or scanned?

Students may copy reserve materials (in accordance with *Copyright Law) at a cost of 10 cents per page. 

5. Are all university textbooks available in the library?

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide all of the textbooks for every course. We do, however, have a small collection. The majority of the textbooks we have were donated by professors and other students. If you finish with a course, please consider donating your textbook to the library to help out other students.

*Under Title 17 of the United States Code, it is illegal to reproduce, distribute, or publicly display any copyrighted work (or any substantial portion thereof) without the permission of the copyright owner. Exceptions can be made under fair use guidelines, but the patron, not the Library, is responsible for any violations. 


Off-Campus Access

1. To access Online Research Databases, e-Book Collections, or other electronic resources through our proxy service, you'll be prompted to enter your NGU username and password.  This is the same username and password you use to access NGU email or to login to computers at NGU.  For the username, you only need to enter the first part of the email address (example: smithjd15).  

If you need help with off-campus access, please contact us:

Phone: 864-977-7094


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