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Using Microsoft Office: Home

Microsoft Office--Why Use It?

Microsoft Office is a widely used suite of programs throughout various industries. While alternatives exist, familiarity with Microsoft Office is certainly an advantage.

Many students come to NGU unfamiliar with Microsoft Office. These pages will link to tutorials that will assist you in learning the basics of the software.

IT Help

While IT isn't responsible for teaching you how to use Microsoft Office, you may need to contact them for other reasons, such virus removal, software installation, or even minor repairs. Students have a variety of options available for contacting IT.

  • Calling the Help Desk at 864-977-7272 (Weekdays only, Fridays until 12)
  • Swing by the IT Office at the corner of Foster Circle and Boulevard Avenue (Weekdays only, Fridays until 12)
  • Use the Help Form
  • Send an email from your student email

Printing at the Library

1. Visit to sign in with your student username and password. From there you can use the top menu bar to navigate to printing or check your balance to make sure you have enough funds.

2. Click on the Printing tab, and then click the box in the middle of the page that says "Select File to Upload." Students can upload the file that needs to be printed.

3. Once it's uploaded, they can click the blue Next button. On the page that loads, students should select printing location, desired printer, and options like number of copies and pages to be printed. Once those options have been selected, students click the blue Next button, and the file should print.

There is a fee associated with printing; each page costs five cents. New students receive $1.50 in their printing accounts, and you can visit the IT page to read about how to add money.