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Faculty Resources


Faculty Services


Information Literacy Sessions for Your Classes

Full = session takes the full class time | Half = session takes half or less of class time

FYE Tours – Overview of general library services combined with Introductory Library and Database
instruction. A virtual FYE tour is also available. (Full)
Introductory Database Instruction – Basic search strategies, an overview of databases offered, how to use
databases (Half)
Introductory Library Instruction – Basic search strategies, how to use the catalog, how to locate
materials (Half)
Advanced Database Instruction – Discipline-specific, advanced searching techniques, intricacies of
relevant databases, or focus on student topics (Full)
Evaluating Sources of Information – Criteria for evaluation of different types of sources, practice
evaluating resources (Half)
Search Strategies – Advanced searching techniques, effective search terms, search operators, filters
Senior Seminar – Advanced searching techniques, advanced database techniques, focus on student
research questions (Full)
Developing a Research Question or Topic – Developing your question/ topic based on available
resources and length of assignment (Half)
Literature Reviews – Examples of literature reviews, how to find sources, assistance with student topics
(Half or Full)
Customized Sessions – Pick 2 half sessions or tell us what you want and we can create a half or a full
session that meets your need


Reference Services (864-977-7094)
• Request materials from other libraries
• Schedule an Information Literacy session for your class
• Submit topics for topic guides
• Schedule an individual appointment for a refresher in effectively using databases or other resources
• Assistance finding quality academic materials for affordable learning
• Schedule a librarian to speak at your department meeting or in-service day


Circulation Services (864-977-7091)
• Textbook Reserves
• Faculty Course Reserves
• Borrow materials from our library or other libraries within the state using your current NGU ID


Acquisitions (
• Request materials for purchase
• Request the development of a specific subject area